Apart from a morning relaxing walk at the beach, a Mediterranean lunch complete of the local flavors and the renowned local wines at a tavern, or simply the enjoyment of the sunset, Kefalonia can offer a host of outdoor activities or simply, places to visit comfortably (that’s further to the events/festival in the Events section). Activities for adults or for kids, or for both.


Whether in an organized manner or by yourself, if you decide to travel around the island don’t forget to visit Kourkoumelata, one of the prettiest villages, Mazarakata, Agios Georgios, and the famous Monastery of Agios Gerasimos in the Omala valley, and the Robola vineyard.

Kourkoumelata Village   

                           Kourkoumelata village                                                The Monastery of Saint Gerasimos,

                                                                                                          the island’s patron saint, built in 1579

On the mountain Ainos National Park try to spot the wild mountain horses and enjoy the Mountain scenery, wildlife and plant life. It has a total length of 10 km and its highest peak is Mount Soros, at 1628m.

After exploring the National Park, and through the many traditional small villages your next sightseeing point is Agia Efimia, one of the most charming fishing-village in the area. From there and after a short driving distance you get to one of the most magical beaches of the world: Myrtos Beach, where the urge to swim in the turquoise blue water will be insurmountable.

From Myrtos beach, two scenic coastlines with fantastic views in opposite directions can get you to either the beactiful Assos and further to it the cosmopolitan town of Fiscardo, or to Argostoli, or to Lixouri. The island is big and the many fantastic places don’t allow for just a quick drive-through. You are encouraged, if you decide to drive around or boat around the island, to devote at least three days for this purpose. The author did it in two days and felt it was cumbersome and yet not enough. There surely were places that we missed and we made sure we returned and dedicated another two days for that purpose!


Interesting places to hike: Atheras / Fteri Beach / Amidi / Assos / Antisamos / Koutsoupia

Make sure you have sturdy, slip-resistant footwear, at least 1-2 liters of water, sun protection, sunhat, a towel, and why not… a swimwear!


Kefalonia has various different caves of interest to visit including Melissani, Agalaki and Drogarati. Drogarati cave is 37 metres below ground, it is said to be 150 million years old, and has huge stalactites which hang from the roof like a veil.


     Drogarati Caves estimated to be 150 million years old                Melissani Lake, a magical underground lake


Bird watching

You can get the chance to watch birds that either live year round in Kefalonia, or are emigrational. The correct rules of bird watching are followed so as the birds are not disturbed.

Plant Life – Fauna and Flora

On a series of paths there is the opportunity to meet the world of plants of Kefalonia. Specifically, you can see the rare and unique species, which are found only on the island and nowhere else in the world, see the richness of orchids, collect sage, oregano and other aromatic plants.

You can taste Arbutus berry, Carob and other fruits, as you are trekking among the trees.


Suitable for anyone over the age of 10 put on your skis and be pulled around at any of the plenty organized bays offering water sports.


At present there are no golf courses on Kefalonia.

(The places mentioned above cover just a fraction of the total available places. But you can trust us that we show no bias as to the above selected places)