Beaches in Kefalonia

Kefalonia is being awarded more than 10 Blue Flags every year for its clean beaches. Whether it is a sandy golden beach or a fine red grain beach that you are looking for; A beach with white pebbles accessible only by boat; Or a beach fully organized with sunbeds, beach bars and tavernas around, watersports, WiFi…; Or more private beaches, offering quiet and “romantic” moments under the sunny blue sky or under the dim light of the moon. Each beach has a unique beauty some of them meeting your very highest standards. There are well over 80 beaches in Kefalonia. So, unless if you plan to move here permanently you cannot expect to visit them all (most locals haven’t even visited them all)! But for sure you can visit at least some of them, even if your sole purpose is to just relax at one of the beautiful villas we have to offer you and unwind away from it all. It all depends on your mood and your proximity to each beach. Here we have selected for you 17 beaches covering the whole island. Surely there are many others worth-mentioning as well but we respect our readers and clients' time and therefore are trying to give you the most encompassing – yet as brief as possible, overview of the most worth-mentioning to you. Enjoy it!


Myrtos Beach

Myrtos beach is located 30km north of the island capital Argostoli. It has won many awards including best beach in Europe and consistently voted as one of the top 10 or top 5 beaches in the world. Whether it is an understatement to say that Myrtos is number five in the world or an overstatement to say that it is number one in Greece or Europe is definitely subjective. The author of this overview haven’t visited every beach in Greece (much more in Europe!) to reach a “verdict”, but even if he did it will always be the case that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. What is generally accepted though is that beauty it is when seeing Myrtos! The beach has been awarded many times for its cleanness as well. It is modestly organized at the most part with umbrellas and sundecks. 


The other part is completely untouched and left unspoiled. Parking is fairly easy. You can laze on a lounger wit an umbrella for shade while dipping sporadically your body in the crystal blue cool-waters and maybe explore the little cave at the far end of the beach. The turquoise waters are the trademark of Myrtos. The western coast of Myrtos is ideal to enjoy one of the most spectacular sunsets in the Ionian Sea. Once you are in Kefalonia you must drop by to visit Myrtos. You don’t have to swim if you don’t feel like but it is a precious landmarks and it is no wonder that it is one of the most photographed places in the world.


Makris Gialos & Platis Gialos Beach

Makris Gialos which means Long Beach and Platis Gialos which means Wide Beach are both golden sandy beaches with beautifully clear blue water, separated by a big rock called “Tourkopodaro” (Turk’s Foot). Both of those “twin” beaches have been awarded the European blue flag for cleanliness. Makris Gialos is located just a short walk from the main road and is the most popular of the Lassi-area beaches. There are some fairly steep steps which lead down to the beach from the road, however, it isn’t to be considered as not-easily accessible as there are families with small kids as well preferring to hang out on this beach. Makris Gialos is long and thin and due to that it can look overcrowded at times. There are plenty of bars literally on the beach providing refreshments. Watersports are available as well.


Platys Gialos, which means wide beach, is a little smaller than Makris Gialos but pretty neat and showers and changing rooms are available.





Avithos Beach

Avithos beach is located at the southern part of Kefalonia. A rural area, Avithos orAviathos is filled with olive trees and citrus orchards. Its long sandy beach fully deserves the Blue Flag awarded repeatedly. The road to Avithos beach is through olive groves and the beach itself is protected by sloping sandstone cliffs. Ideal beach for families and nature lovers. Take care not to disturb the turtles’ hidden nestingsites at the rocky end of the beach.

Lourdas Bay

Lourdas is a massive bay combining several beaches along its length. As well as the big and popular beaches at places like Lourdas itself there are many small ones, beautiful & quiet that provide the necessary escape from the crowds. Its sandy beach stretches for over two kilometers. Even, in the height of summer you are guaranteed tofind a quiet spot somewhere along this very long beach. Lourdas is located at the south coast of Kefalonia. The water at the beach is clear and usually calm so it is great for families. It has been awarded the “blue flag” as well and is kept clean and patrolled by Lifeguards. A walk at the old village of Lourdata with the traditional square offers fine views and scenic surrounds. In order to explore the rest of the beaches in the south part a car hire is necessary.

Katelios and Potamakia

KATELIOS beach is on the south-east of Kefalonia. It is a long beach and in essence an extension of the main road on which many restaurants and coffee places can guaranteeyou a nice awakening if you stop by before your morning-afternoon swim. The view from thisbeach is wonderful as it stretches all the way to the neighboring Zakynthos island.



East of Katelios is POTAMAKIA beach where the loggerhead turtles nest. You can be guided to see them from June to September. Visitors without guides are discouraged to go.

Mounda Beach

Further walking leads to MOUNDA beach and some pleasant sandy bays where even more turtle nesting grounds. Shallow waters make coves along this part of the coast idealfor families, but you must stay near the shoreline and away from the turtle nesting sites.

Skala Beach

The village of Skala is in the south east of the island. The tavernas in the town are lovely but what Skala is well known for is for its sandy golden beach which is one of the largest of Kefalonia running about 4 kilometers around the bay, providing for a host of choices of where to park and unwind. Easily accessible, not overcrowded, an ideal scenic combination of green, gold & blue. Words can’t fairly describe it.

Poros Beach

The village of Poros is about 41 kilometers south-west of Argostoli. The beach is surrounded by a remarkable natural environment and it is renowned for the tavernas neatly lined by the sidewalk behind overlooking the beach. Poros beach is covered with white pebbles joining the sea allowing you to see the seabed through its crystal clear waters. It is one of the cosmopolitan beaches of the island with great tourist development while the umbrellas and sundecks are covering a small part of the beach leaving the other unspoiled. Its unique natural surroundings with the mountainous greenery hillsides makes the beach of Poros an unforgettable getaway.

Antisamos Beach

Antisamos is one of the best beaches in Kefalonia, close to the port village of Sami. The beautiful and attractive pebble beach and turquoise waters, surrounded by impressive fertile hills was what captured the imagination of the producers of Captain Corelli's Mandolin where some of the scenes were filmed. Antisamos is well organised with sunbeds, acres of parking, a huge beach-bar-restaurant offering a wide selection of food, and watersports.

Agia Efimia Beach

Agia Efimia beach is a rather small, family-preferred beach due to its shallow waters. The white pebbles are merging very nicely with the blue-green waters. Along the main road above the beach, restaurants serving fresh fish can offer a “delicious” ending to a relaxing swim. Exploring the countless little gulfs between the beaches of Agia Efimia and Antisamos is recommended.


Emblisi Beach

Emblisi beach is a small white mosaic-like pebble beach near Fiscardo with clear, turquoise waters. Although pretty similar, it is more cosmopolitan than the nearby Foki and Dafnoudi beaches. Unique rock structures on either side of the beach create a unique sunbathing experience. The bay is almost square and popular with families from the neighboring Fiscardo.

Lepeda Beach

Lepeda is a small –about 100 meters long- red-sand beach characteristic of this region, with shallow waters, preferred by families with young children. Some strange rocks complete the scenery along with the panoramic view of the gulf of Argostoli. It is organized with umbrellas and a beach bar further to several restaurants in the area guaranteeing fresh fish.

Petani Beach


Petani beach is found on the western side of the island, in the beautiful peninsila of Paliki. It has many similarities with the famous beach Mirtos although it is milder since it is protected by large slopes. It has very deep crystal water combined with the fine white sand. Many restaurants with fresh fish located above the beach and the sunbeds and beach bars, shower and WC, provide for almost full amenities. However, the parking space is rather small. Don’t neglect to visit Petani around sunset when the sun dips in the crystal blue waters. The villages and the monasteries of the region are worth paying a visit before getting to the beach.


Platia Ammos Beach

Platia Ammos beach is located next to the Monastery of Kipoureon towards the village Kaminarata, in the peninsula of Paliki (near the greater Lixouri area). Many consider it to be the new Mirtos because of its curved-shape, overlooked by a steep hill as well, and has very clean blue waters with golden sand. Platia Ammos is far more unexplored and calm though and was accessible only by boat till few years ago. Still, the access to it is very difficult as you must descend some 300+ steps to get down to it and then “climb” back up. Therefore, not recommended for kids and senior citizens. A great place to relax nonetheless.

Xi Beach


Xi beach is located in the very southern part of the Paliki peninsula, across the island of Vardiani, 10 kilometers south of the town of Lixouri. It is a very long beach and it is famous for the colour of its sand which is brown- reddish with the surrounded landscape being rocky-white. It has been awarded the blue flag by the EU. Famous for its natural mud-bath since the sand is high in clay. Its waters are shallow and as a consequence it is a family-friendly beach and in fact it is preferred by parents with young children alot.



Xi beach is equipped with sunbeds, a beach bar offering cold drinks and snacks, a water sports center, showers, and WC. There is a good- sized car park next to the beach. Around the area, you will find many taverns, rooms to rent and small shops. The beach is easily accessed by car or public buses from Lixouri.