The “modern” blends in harmonically with the “traditional” in Kefalonia. The modern is what makes the island such a highly-regarded tourist destination due to the services offered. The traditional is the local festivals and the religious ceremonies, some of them lasting for centuries. Please, find hereunder a list of Kefalonia’s events and festivals throughout the year.

                  Events calendar of Kefalonia





Union of the Ionians Islands

21st of May


Festival commemorating the union of the Ionian Islands with the rest of Greece in 1864.

Theatrical Festival

15th of July


Presentation of several theatrical plays performed by Greek theatrical troupes.

“Eortia” cultural events of Sami

July- August


Concerts, theatrical performances, traditional dances, art exhibitions and several other cultural events organized during July and August in Sami.

Feast Day of Virgin Mary

15th of August

Agia Efimia, Lixouri

The importance of the figure of Virgin Mary in the Greek-orthodox church defines the whole of Greece on this day. The 15th of August is a banking and labor and market holiday and as everywhere else in Greece the feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary is subject to tremendous religious contrition by most people in the island.


15th of August


Vis-a-vis to the above, a strange phenomenon is occurring on this date every year as hundreds of harmless small snakes are getting in the church Every August just before the religious festival honoring Virgin Mary. They are considered a prophecy of good luck and they disappear on the day after the festival.

International music festival of Argostoli

End of August


The festival takes place at the end of August in the capital of the island presenting Greek and international musicians performing various instruments in various places within the town.

Feast of Agios Gerasimos

16th of August & 20th of October


Celebration and litany honoring the Saint patron of the island, “Agios Gerasimos”.

Robola wine festival

18th - 20th of August


A wine festival in Fragata during which local wines can be tasted.

Feast of Panagia Agrilia

23rd of August


Festival in the monastery of Panagia Agrilion where after the religious ceremony a feast follows with traditional music & dances, and local dishes and wine.

Music festival of Lixouri



A festival dedicated to traditional music.

For more information, the local Tourism Organization Office will have further details of these events (please see contact details at the “Useful Telephone Numbers” tab hereunder).